A torch down the middle, a man to the right, a woman to the left. Hindus believe that the essence of the Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) is enshrined in the word Aum. Paganism
I believe that we are a community no matter where our boundaries may end. The stories of the Native American helped explain mysteries and abstract ideas. A b c d Cave, Alfred. Most
Finally, given a sufficient degree of actual control over the behavior, people are expected to carry out their intentions when the opportunity arises. Thorndike (1905) formalized the, law of Effect. The approach is
Terracciano A, Costa. Personality and risk-taking: common biosocial factors. Genetic covariation of neuroticism with monoamine oxidase activity and smoking. Kubicka L, Matejcek Z, Dytrych Z, Roth. The extroversion dimension comprises factors such