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family evolution in the proper element space; here we give projection on the proper( a )-proper( e ) plane for. Obviously, the Yarkovsky effect violates the excact symplecticity of the integrator, but we have verified (e.g. Neron de Surgy and. Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape Graphite Heat Sink. We hope that this might be an interesting test to trace footprints of the ongoing mobility in the Eos family, since we clearly see that Yark-moving orbits get stick for a long time' to this resonance.

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The grey crosses are fair members (Cellino's quality parameter 2 or 3 while red crosses are tentative members (Cellino's quality parameter 1). The current age of the family is a free, adjustable parameter in the simulation; for Themis it ranges from 2 Gyr.5 Gyr. It is also often expressed as the rate of change of temperature in a transient heat transfer process. We doesn't provide notebook thermal module products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Integrator and implementation of the Yarkovsky effect. For this moment, we chose a somewhat simpler option and we use the following algorithm (applied to each element (i) compute center of the family, (ii) compute standard deviation of the distribution and eliminate all asteroids that exceed 3-sigma distance from the center, (iii) iterate.