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by residents waiving their right to complain about jet noise - could be the answer to quelling noise complaints near the expanding airport. The article continues, noting that the original ordinance set maximum decibel levels for industrial, and commercial zones at 74, 58 and 64 depending on time of day, and 65 and 70 depending on the time of day, respectively. The study will cost 30,000, and if a noise wall is deemed effective, officials say they will pursue their half of the wall cost - which would be about 500,000 - from the state's first program and other state grants. The company will market wall and floor treatments to developers and individual homeowners for the price of a moderate to expensively priced carpet. The article notes that the Columbus amphitheater has been drawing noise complaints since it opened in 1994. He says that passenger volume had actually decreased in recent years, so the claim that residents should have 'expected' this expansion is wrong. 30 byline: by Gemma Blears dateline: North Tyneside, UK The Evening Chronicle reports that in North Tyneside, UK a lawsuit levied against an American electronics company has been adjourned until next year.

Mike hardcastle-taylor Ramona I am 75 years old and have lived in San Diego almost 60 years. Charles Wray dateline: Sun Valley, Idaho The Idaho Statesman prints several letters to the editor, including one relating to noise. The result was to build DIA in a remote enough area to prevent this problem (a good move). The owners of the business say they will set noise limits if their rezoning request is approved.

The four politicians stressed their commitment towards solving the problem, and emphasized that "without the cooperation of the Marines we really can't solve anything." The four focused on alternate flight paths for helicopters, since citizen activists in the current Interstate 15 corridor have themselves been. A-1 byline: Mark Arner dateline: San Diego, California activists, individuals, AND groups mentioned: Mike Kelly, president of the Friends of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Inc The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that many San Diego leaders are pushing to allow roads through area canyons to alleviate. Mawhorr, dateline: Addison, Illinois, the Chicago Daily Herald reports that Addison, Illinois officials have approved a 25,000 study to determine whether a noise wall along Interstate 290 would help muffle noise. The noise was so bad, complained one resident, that he couldn't carry on a conversation, watch television, or sleep. Hand dateline: Aurora, Colorado The Denver Rocky Mountain News prints a letter to the editor by a realtor from Aurora, Colorado. The Act encourages the use of teams between 11 PM and 7 AM to respond to noise violations; noise over 35 decibels can draw an on-the-spot 100 pound fine. Janssen Virginia Beach" Top NPC Noise News NPC Home Letters to the Editor, Including a Virginia Beach Resident Who Believes Navy Pilots Training at Oceana Naval Base Have the Right to Make Noise in Preparation for Putting Their Lives on the Line publication: The Virginian-Pilot. 1D byline: Ray Crumbley dateline: Westerville, Ohio The Columbus Dispatch reports that the City Council of Westerville, Ohio is considering changes to its noise ordinance which include the enforcement of noise limits on Polaris amphitheater in neighboring Columbus, Ohio.

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