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talents. Good has triumphed over evil, the family has been preserved, all the guns have been silenced. Torrey Paul McVey ( Grafton John Miller ( Atkey Edith Evanson ( Mrs. We have admired and appreciated Shane, but he exists for a single purpose and a single moment. Hart, Tom Mix, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, Shane is the embodiment of the Western hero. Fenin, George., and William. Babcock, David, The Hero, Waltham, Massachusetts, 1968. Shane "Viewing Report of Shane, " in Screen Education (London September-October 1964. Moreover, the actual story-driving mystery concocted by Black and Bagarozzi here is somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of the movie, with respect to its emotional impact and thematic relevance; at the end of the day, the plot is very much a backdrop for the film's buddy. As both the child's idolization of an adult and the creative treatment of a myth, Shane is not a story of the West; it is, rather, the West as we believe it to have been. Everson, William., A Pictoral History of the Western Film, New York, 1969.

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The teenagers experience how to let go of high school and move on with their lives. Tags: the nice guys Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! The unheralded mythic god leaves and the community is safe. The Western has tended to document not the history of the West but those cultural values that have become cherished foundations of our national identity. When Starrett is left with no alternative but to meet the hired gunfighter, it is obvious that only Shane is a match for the final shootout. Shane is a tapestry laced with contrasts. The homesteaders have settled in to farm the land, threatening the open range of the ranchers. Marion Starrett Van Heflin joe Starrett Brandon de Wilde joey Jack Palance (. Setting as a stylishly dreary and decaying vision of a once-luminous city, complete with its smoggy atmosphere and streets overrun by kitschy store chains and establishments fitting for the '70s backdrop. Berthomieu, Pierre, "L'homme des valles perdues: Le passage du cavalier in Positif (Paris. McVay, Douglas, "George StevensHis Work in Films and Filming (London April 1965 and May 1965.

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