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paper. The IBS information on this site has kept irritable bowel syndrome from ruining my life. We had a scalability issue at our hands. The log chunk now looks like this: "job_id 1243, "position 102, "chunk " bundle install". Did I mention that m went into private beta a year ago today? Rather than go for full scalability, we went for a simpler sharding approach at first. How long did you have the bloating, diarrhea or constipation of IBS? We have plans to move log processing to its own database, as most of what its doing is very short-lived and very focused on a single task.

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You may change this from your profile later. We added up to a gigabyte of new logs every day, increasing the size of our database and increasing the amount it took to create backups. That way, chunks for a single job were guaranteed to be in the right order. Pusher to enable live updates when youre looking at a build. I put together this IBS information site, so that you can get some relief too. Dont tell anyone, but rumor has it that Josh has been working on a Go implementation thats ridiculously fast.

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