gender Roles in World War I

Akn, Yiit. Women in World War I were mobilized in unprecedented numbers on all sides. John Ambulance unit in Serbia and subsequently became an officer in the Serbian army.

Female intelligence: women and espionage in the First World War (NYU Press, 2006) isbn Risser, Nicole Dombrowski. These jobs came about from the technological advances made throughout the war. "Health of Munitions Workers." The British Medical Journal. The allies had enlisted thousands of women as nurses that fought alongside our troops on the frontlines during World War.

The persuasive images of idealized female figures and idyllic settings were designed to solicit female involvement in the war and greatly influenced the idea of appropriate feminine behavior in the wartime Britain. Organizations like the Womans Club of Winter Park were areas where women could associate with each other and were crucial venues for feminists. . This passed act had a great impact by congress that led to more equality among women and men back in the states. Half of the jobs that needed to be filled were taken over by minorities and lower-class women who had already been in different workforce areas. Close to 460 women lost their lives from the conflict across the globe. These brave women earned medals throughout the war and some even gave their lives in order to protect our freedom. Gender roles had changed in the modern world; women throughout the nation made a huge impact on the Second World War efforts. Women had limited homefront roles as in nursing.