forms of Multimedia and Potential Developments

articles for the Canadian anti-consumerism magazine. Sucking Chest Wounds Wayne Morris speaks for all when he says, I get really angry with the biased coverage thats passed off as objective journalism. A portfolio without standards or goals : is just a multimedia presentation or a fancy electronic resume or a digital scrapbook Appropriate Technology Tools at this Stage : Use whatever software tools are currently being used to collect artifacts, storing them on a hard drive. These would be the successive phases of the image, writes Baudrillard, betraying an almost necrophiliac relish as he contemplates the decomposition of culturally-defined reality. Conceptual con artists like Joey Skaggs dramatize the dangers inherent in a press that seems to have forgotten the difference between the public good and the bottom line, between the responsibility to enlighten and the desire to entertain. After the yellow ribbons were taken down, however, a creeping disaffection remained. Insert multimedia artifacts Level 3 4 OR Create a hypermedia presentation using a multimedia authoring program, creating links between goals, multimedia work samples, rubrics, and assessment.

New Forms of Media, The Different Forms of Dialect,

Debt to Umberto Ecos concept of semiological guerrilla warfare duly acknowledged here.). Level 4 plus Feedback from portfolio conferencing and responses from others. The primary audience for the portfolio will contribute to the decisions made about the format and storage of the formal or presentation portfolio. In this stage, the portfolio is presented to the appropriate audience and discussed in meaningful conversation about teaching and/or learning. To date, this paradigm has assumed two forms: the virtual community and the desktop-published or on-line zine. The hoax, he insists, is just the hook. Queer Nation launched a Truth in Advertising postering campaign that sent up New York Lotto ads calculated to part the poor and their money; in them, the official tagline, All You Need is a Dollar and a Dream became All You Need is a Three-Dollar. Billboard Banditry Lastly, there is billboard banditry, the phenomenon that inspired Negativlands coinage. JamCon 84, a 1984 cassette-only release by the audio-collage band Negativland. Robbie Conal, Art Attack: The Midnight Politics of a Guerrilla Artist (New York: Harper Perennial, 1992).

forms of Multimedia and Potential Developments

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