the Tough Time of A Crime

the.S., longer mandatory prison sentences have proven to be "an expensive failure says Sapers, Canada's prison ombudsman. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told time create outline for phase 4ip that he does not. The overall crime rate the total number of crimes divided by the population has also generally been declining since peaking in 1991. Elsewhere this week, as, pakistan went to the polls, there were 13 transgender candidates on the ballot, protected for the first time by a new law. The Dallas Cowboys cut wide receiver Lucky Whitehead on Monday morning after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

the Tough Time of A Crime

These falling crime rates have.
Hillary Clinton is finding her husband's 1994 federal crime the tough time of a crime bill to be a stumbling block on the campaign trial.
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Tough Times For Crime And Its Writer.

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The federal government has instead chosen to spend many millions more locking people. Asked if concentrated media coverage of sensational crimes leads to hasty changes in policy and criminal law, 55 per cent of Canadians polled agreed. Since the 1990s, youth crime rates have plummeted. This is an introduction to Juvenile Justice in America. Brandon Garrett has analyzed crime and punishment confidence intervals hypothesis testing data from 1990 to 2016; he says its time to retire 'tough democracy. Their new approach was so staggeringly successful, it is now studied the world over, as Samira Shackle reported. Jamiles Lartey found out, with the help of photographer Fred R Conrad. Over the border in India, Amrit Dhillon spoke to the couple who have petitioned the countrys supreme court to decriminalise gay sex, a fight they are widely expected to win next week. "In terms of general deterrence, does an individual think about the length of the sentence they might receive before they commit the crime?" he asks.

NEW york has been a tough town for Matthew Scudder.
He once shot a child by mistake in Washington Heights, ending his police career but propelling his drinking career.
What does tough -on-crime mean?
I could not find this term in the dictionary, but I figured, is it just used as its literal meaning.

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