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you may have to reconsider this in the light of your analysis. 3.3 Congruence of Foregrounding in the Final Stanza As we have seen so far, there is a strong element of foregrounding in the final stanza of listen. In addition to the numerous deviant features of the poem in the other stanzas, what we have in the last stanza is a kind of 'reverse' deviation. Identify cause and effect relationships. However, if we examine these closely we can see that there is actually a systematicity to the deviations, and that they do indeed facts on the Philippines contribute to meaning.

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Could it be that may is the contemplative one, able to see the whole big picture because she is so self-contained. A stylistic analysis which could account for these factors would obviously supersede the one I have given. Term Papers 3454 words (9.9 pages preview - Visual Effects Created.E. tags: Poetry Better Essays 734 words (2.1 pages) Preview - In 1910,. Once again, we see his skill and mastery at manipulating the English language in order to foreground a thought and turn it into a commentary on society.

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