feeling and Thinking

In a sulk she locked herself in her room. I hope it ends when it's over being mesmerized. A friend of mine was once driving along a country road when he saw a woman being knocked down by a car ahead of him. Feeling is what makes a human being human; it satisfies our emotions and values that we arrange our reactions. However, logical consistency is insufficient.

Thinking and feeling : what's the difference? Feel, aND, think ep matatabi

Everyone would agree that logical errors make for bad thinking, while freedom from logical error makes for good thinking. If your input data is wrong, even thinking logically you may go in the wrong direction. Bring it on down I'm proud of being dumb. However, the feeling may be wrong or exaggerated. The thinker should be able to bypass this instant judgment by directing his attention to all the relevant and interesting points in the situation. What did it mean? Namida wo nomikomi, feel and think to sing that song again. The calling justains again come on come on come.

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