summary of Kenyas Economy

percent of the country's 38 million people. The principal cash crops are tea, horticultural produce, and coffee; horticultural produce and tea are the main growth sectors and the two most valuable of all of Kenya's exports. Kenya has also contributed to boosting hospitality in other countries, the Nairobi headquartered Serena Hotel is the most consistently high-rated hotel in Pakistan. The debt is forecast to be a manageable 30 percent of gross domestic product in 2007.

Foreign investors have been guaranteed ownership and the right to remit dividends, royalties, and capital. 18 Industries edit Agriculture edit Main article: Agriculture in Kenya See also: Coffee industry of Kenya and Tea Production in Kenya Flower production The agricultural sector continues to dominate Kenya's economy, although only 15 percent of Kenya's total land area has sufficient fertility and rainfall. The Kenya banking system is supervised by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). Kenya is also known as: Republic of Kenya/Jamhuri ya Kenya, Republic of Kenya. In 2005 agriculture, including forestry and fishing, accounted for about 24 percent of GDP, as well as for 18 percent of wage employment and 50 percent of revenue from exports. Most Kenyans are now striving get modern, wage jobs." Modern wage jobs include being a "engineer, telecommunication specialist, cut flower worker, teacher, construction worker, housekeepers, professionals, any industrial and manufacturing job, and port and dock workers." In 1989, there were only.9 million Kenyans employed. In launching the operations of the fund, also ensured that the interests of future investors were safeguarded. Further reading edit External links edit News Trade. Apart from soda ash, the chief minerals produced are limestone, gold, salt, large quantities of niobium, fluorspar, and fossil fuel. Growth in GDP stagnated, and agricultural production shrank at an annual rate.9. Pollution, overfishing, and the use of unauthorised fishing equipment have led to falling catches and have endangered local fish species.