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of the game of football gatsbys Daisy: Good Girl Gone Bad and how collision is very different. The question we should be asking is not whether we should ban football, but how we can make it safer. Within the spectrum of brain-injury-inducing activities contemplated by the plastic and unpredictable minds of American youth, football represents an extremely tiny fraction of the range of activities where risk actually resides. Signs of a Concussion, concussions are tricky. "That may also be a factor.". Bakhos, MD, tells WebMD. Louis; executive committee, AAP Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness.

Halstead says a week or 10 days on the sidelines is typical for most uncomplicated concussions, but many individual factors come into play. Kids With Multiple Concussions Finally, the AAP recommends that kids who have multiple concussions consider giving up contact sports for good. If that happens, the brain injury is called a concussion (say: kun-KUH-shun). Robert Glatter was a sideline physician for the New York Jets from 2004 to 2008, with no current relationship with the NFL or its subsidiaries. Because they now know that concussions can cause serious problems for kids and adults, especially if they don't get the right treatment. Former NFL player Bryan Hinkle has his plan for his children. The study represents the first attempt to document the national incidence of sports-related concussions among children in elementary and middle school.

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Upon watching football on Sunday, I was watching one game alone where there was a stoppage of play five times for injuries. "He said the risk for long-term injury was just too great and I agreed. Caution for concussions, the vast majority of children will recover from a concussion without any adverse consequences such as headaches, memory problems or dizziness in seven to 10 days, with a small proportion demonstrating lingering symptoms up to 45 days after the injury. Also wear a helmet when biking or doing other activities that need them, such as football, hockey, and skateboarding. Halstead, MD, of Children's Hospital. More important, if we truly focus on the traditional risk factors for dementia in American society sedentary lifestyle, high-fat diet, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and poor education we might further help to reduce the large burden of those risk factors on neurodegenerative disease, which. For other problems, a parent can call the kid's doctor for advice about what to do next. "In my experience, girls also tend to be more aggressive in their sports than guys he tells WebMD. One player died after a collision in a game on Long Island.

Can governments legislate risk? You've probably bumped your head before. Concussion Risk Higher for Girls, the study appears in the September issue. The AAP recommends restricting both physical and mental exertion until symptoms have resolved.