an Ecossytem At Risk: americas Wetlands

of life and property from hurricanes is greatly increased. It is estimated that every.7 miles of wetlands reduces a storm surge by one foot. Source: Wikipedia, invasive Species : Even the best of intentions can turn out BAD! Extensive dredging of canalsover 10,000 milesalso occurred with oil and gas exploration, which peaked in the 1960s to 1980s. Species are at risk of extinction. 12, endangered species show us that our world may not be as healthy as we think. Gray wolves are endangered in most of the United States. 14, ways You Can Help Learn as much as you can about endangered species in your area Visit nearby wildlife refuges or nature centers Dont buy species illegally taken from the wild (e.g., turtles) Dont buy products made from threatened or endangered species (e.g., ivory).

Wetlands and Coastal Erosion

an Ecossytem At Risk: americas Wetlands

Modified from: Wikipedia, do you live in the area of Louisiana formed by Mississippi River sediments? A useful tool for classroom or public demonstrations; the synergy that comes from many people coming together and reaching a collective awareness has power and can be the start of awareness and change. Some Pikas may color Guard - The Best Four Years of My Life move to higher, cooler regions if there is enough vegetation. 8, eagles DDT, a pesticide, was being used on farms to control bugs that harmed crops. In the United States, there are over 400 animal species identified as endangered, and over 150 animals that are threatened.

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