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of war, I call it a sacred war. Realist authors use plot and character development to show their personal beliefs in society. Atlantic Monthly, the most important magazine in America, and upon the retirement of Fields in 1871 Howells became its editor, a position he held for the next ten years. The character George Gearson possesses a trace of sardonic wit, I never thought I should like to kill a man; but now I shouldnt care; and the smokeless powder lets you see the man drop that you kill(Howells 462). Another time her position is presented when she says, You dont belong to yourself now; you dont even belong.

Did Spanish novelist Palacio Valds ever comment. Howells in a critical essay? Editha, by William Dean, howells, essay, realism. Howells depicts, editha as a selfish and spoiled lady, while Freeman describes mother as a strong-willed person who simply does things when they need. Howells destroys the romantic notions of war in editha ".

Furthermore, Editha felt she had to explain his lack of bloodlust, That would have been a survival of his old life (458). This is evident when George goes off to war, never to return. Mencken and Sinclair Lewis for whom he seemed to epitomize Victorian gentility, he deserves better from his critics. The changes were significant, in that they influenced the thoughts and ideas of the people. Louisa tells Joe she has nothing against him, but "had lived so long in one way that she shrank from making a change" (Freeman 452). In relation to that, William Dean Howells, while opposing idealization, made his comic criticisms of society. Although this is actually an over dramatization, on the characters part, artfully committed by the author; we (the readers) discover the reason for this is because the author tells us that the artist, whom Editha is speaking with at the end of the story; also.

Tom, using his knowledge of books, devises plans that are romantic, but are not very logical and do not make much sense. She has lived a solitary life and is pretty set in her routines. Though he became a favorite target of such iconoclasts. Gearson is grieving for her son. Naturalism was influenced by Darwin, who believes in survival of the fittest. She has one fixed opinion about this war and she doesn t care what he thinks about. Realist writers Freeman, Howells, Bierce, Twain, and the naturalist writer Crane used setting, plot and character development to demonstrate the changes taking place toward the end of the nineteenth century. In the late 1800s, the United States was experiencing swift growth and change because of a changing economy, society, and culture. Gearson was not pleased to see her, What did you come for? The author gives you an idea about this feeling here, All through their courtship (Editha) had been puzzled by his want of seriousness about. This is a game for Tom, who already knows that Jim is turalism is a darker, more scientific form of realism.

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