the Devolution of Human Civility at Corcyra

nature from his analysis of the revolt at Corcyra are not very positive. He had no sooner consented, than they began to enroll their enemies for the ships; and these, fearing that they might be sent off to Athens, seated themselves as suppliants in the temple of the Dioscuri. Deductive Reasoning, evidence of the Senses, mechanistic Approach. In this contest the blunter wits were most successful. The Oracle replied that they should hand their city over to the Corinthians. The next day equally they refrained from attacking the city, although the disorder and panic were at their height, and though Brasidas, it is said, urged Alcidas, his superior officer, to do so, but they landed upon the promontory of Leukimme and laid waste the. The commons tried to get their enemies to serve upon these ships that were departing with Nicostratus. Athens suspected that Corinth would plot revenge. He says, "Later on, one may say, the whole Hellenic world was convulsed by revolution" (. The Dispute over Epidamnus, the prelude to the great Peloponnesian War began with the outbreak of a small civil conflict in the coastal city-state.

The Devolution of Human Civility at Corcyra
the Devolution of Human Civility at Corcyra

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Unsurprisingly the Corinthians accepted this offer, and prepared to mount an expedition to the city. Corinth and Corcyra each brought significant support to the Epidamnian side they favored and a major naval battle ensued involving over one hundred ships in which Corcyra scored a convincing victory. To put an end to this, there was neither promise to be depended upon, nor oath that could command respect; but all parties dwelling rather in their calculation upon the hopelessness of a lesson to learn a permanent state of things, were more intent upon self-defence than capable. Perceiving this, the division opposed to the Corcyraeans, fearing a repetition of the disaster of Naupactus, came to support their friends, and the whole fleet now bore down, united, upon the Athenians, who retired before it, backing water, retiring as leisurely as possible in order. Corinth was aware of the Corcyraean delegation and sent its own ambassadors to Athens to counter the Corcyraean argument.

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