a review of Across Five Apirls

attacked Jethro is wounded while he tried to rob a shop and he ceased to cause troubles after the incident. Nancy, Ellens daughter in law and Johns wife and Jenny prepare dinner for the whole family. The summer goes by and news about battles taking place reaches the family. That night during dinner, they talk about war and how it will probably not end too soon.

We are thankful of their contributions and encourage you to make your own. The battle of Gettysburg takes place and the Union wins. Jethro behaves admirably and when he arrives home he tells his parents what happened in town. Wilse and Matt begin to argue until Ellen point out that now it is not the time. The fifth chapter describes Jethros visit into the town to buy supplies. Shadrach remains safe on the battlefield and even though he takes part in battles, he remains unharmed. Age: -  a teen, ethnicity/Nationality -  White (American setting.

a review of Across Five Apirls

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The men who deserted were still armed and they soon started to cause troubles. The last chapter of the novel presents the victory of the Union and the defeat of the south. In an eloquent but often folksy style, Hunt draws the reader into the farming life of southern Illinois, where young men see a chance to prove their manhood and speak of the war as being fun. A few months later, they send a letter asking Matts blessing and they get married. Issues of truth, honesty, loyalty, desertion, mercy, bravery, and love are covered in the telling of the story. Jenny receives a letter from Shadrach telling them that he is fine. thoughtful, time/era of story, internal struggle/realization? brother/sisters, conflict:, war, general, war, Civil, main Character, gender - Male, profession/status: - farmer. You can help us out by revising, improving and updating this section. Eb joined the army as well and he sent letter home telling them that he was fine. Adult or Young Adult Book.

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