character Analysis on Nettie and Celie

That confidence soon turns to furyover her rapes, her beatings, and the love and affection the men in her life have kept from her. She then sends Nettie away from the farm to protect her from Albert, even though it means she will lose the only family and friend she has in the world. When Shug loves her back, she finds it hard to believe. Traditions cut both ways. In summary, Sofia is not tragic as much as she is symbolic of a woman who had the courage to fight against known odds. After she is freed from her servitude at the mayor's home, Sofia quickly returns to her old self, proving that the white power system does not have to break the spirit of blacks. It is no wonder that she becomes a stranger to her own children. Nettie also says that she does not feel like a maid in the family. This is another example of the wider community providing alternatives for domestic happiness. Nettie feels quite lonely, so lonely that she cannot even talk to God about. Nettie adds that Celies children are being brought up in love.

She learned to fight, to stand up for herself, and she was rewarded. One usually thinks of an evil person as being a strong person, but in Albert's case, this is not true. Meanwhile, Nettie has become a missionary in Africa and has written countless letters to Celie, all of which Albert has hidden. It is appropriate that Nettie educates Celie about the wider community since her close family have always suppressed her ability to communicate. "This is the country in which a woman is raped every three minutes she says, "where one out of three women will be raped during their lifetimes and a quarter of those are children under.". Moreover, Celie says that the man resembles Fonso, and she tells God that his first wife was murdered on her way home from church "kilt by her boyfriend." Again, we unexpectedly encounter extraordinary violence. At the cocoa plantations, the people who work there all sing, even when they are tired. Samuel and Corrine brother and sister and the children to stop calling her Mama Nettie. She simply wasn't suited for it by her very nature. Corrine Reverend Samuel's wife.