the Accident That Changed My Life

in shock. I always have that pillow and an angel pillow with me on long car drives. I watched him in shock and fear craw out of the window of his flipped car. Anne is using her wisdom to help others who may feel stuck.

In split seconds, I saw my life flash before. It felt familiar, like something I remembered. The fear feels so intense and real, but we cannot hurt ourselves with breath intention. But mostly its related to the unexplored emotional baggage Ive carried since childhood.

The Most Special Person in My Life
Arthur Kornbergs Scientific Life Woks

Saturday was spent working about a 9-hour shift, and I got out early enough to meet my friends. It taught me to be aware of my surroundings. You saved me tonight, was all I could whisper in quiet prayer. No text message, no call, no thought is worth distracting you enough to lose your life or live with having killed someone else. Considering we may be more than the body and the mind. Anne Berube, i ended the relationship that was unhealthy for me and spent a lot of time by myself, comfortable with being alone. His back tire hit my windshield, directly in my line of sight. This has been working. The possibility of that happening became more real to me than ever before on that fatal Saturday night. I was no more than five minutes into driving, but my mind was only thinking about a million other things, including what Id have to eat and drink once I got to where I was going.

The Accident That Changed My Life
the Accident That Changed My Life

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