gender Versus Sex

and boys are different in ability, educational needs or careers. From another perspective, Joan Fujimura argued for mixing more social into that biological scheme: My investigation is an argument for broadening our social imaginariesour definitions and understandingsof the material, the natural. The work of conversation The efforts people make to maintain a conversation Attention beginnings (this is interesting used twice as often by women Asking questions to maintain conversation since a response is required Women asked more than twice as many Asking Dya know what? Who is more supportive?

Demonstrates a clear inequality in the rights of men and women in conversation Men use mechanisms of power and control in conversations with women Interruptions prevent a person from expressing themselves fully and also allow for control of the topic Do these sorts of interactions. They believe that single-sex education is harmful, because it does not give a chance to interact with all sorts of people. Despite the fact that, girls attend all sport classes and boys all art classes, which provide knowledge of opposite side. School is a part of the world. Cross Sex Conversation in 5 dyads between unacquainted people Conversation Dyad 1 Dyad 2 Dyad 3 Dyad 4 Dyad 5 Amount of Interruption Male initiated Female initiated What do interruptions do? Women use more tag questions than men Affective tags "are used not to signal uncertainty on the part of the speaker, but to indicate concern for the addressee Open the door for me, could you? The other side of the coin is, however, that single-gender classrooms have a positive impact on students achievement.