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to tinker with, I have a mason jar ready to work with. Hanging mason jar candles jazz up the ambience like no other artificial lighting can. (for your convenience this post contains affiliate links, find more info here hanging Herb Mason Jar Supplies: Tutorial: I added some wire to some vintage blue and green mason jars so they could hang. Do you have any other craft ideas youd like to share? I love having an indoor herb garden in my kitchen. Step 5, place the candle in the mason jar. Twist your wire around the loop. I love fresh herbs! . My girls had a fun time potting the herbs in the mason jars for.

Step 4, fill the bottom of the mason jar with gravel. Or probably a barbecue surrounded by your family and friends. Wasnt that an easy lighting project with mason jars? As with all of our mason jar crafts, our mason jar hanging lights are designed and crafted by hand with the primitive collector or designer in mind.

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Heres a couple other projects Ive done using mason jars: Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial, hanging Mason Jar Succulents). The bulb sockets are black candelabra and can support up to 60 Watt bulbs but we recommend using 25 Watt bulbs or 40 Watt bulbs. Using citronella candles in your outdoor hanging mason jar holders has the old Man and The Sea additional benefit of keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay. Theres just a wide variety of DIY projects you can make with them. Ive got another exciting kitchen update to share with you next week. Here, mason jars are customized in a way that it can hold candles at a height allowing the project to be also known as mason jar candle holders. . It is just one of the numerous ways to repurpose mason jars to decorate the interiors or the garden. This light weighs about 5 lbs.

The hanging mason jar candle lights look exotic when strung around the branches of a tree for a grand DIY wedding. Hanging Mason Jar Candle Picture. I can already imagine myself sitting in our backyard surrounded by hanging mason jar lanterns in a quiet afternoon. This is truly one quick and easy DIY mason jar craft anyone can make in a flash! Step 2, wrap the wire around the neck of your mason jar and make another little loop at the opposite side of the first loop you made. Set up a theme for your next party and hang them in a tree.