dangers of drunk driving

to drive responsibly and place a greater emphasis on maintaining a safe speed at all times. Drunk Driving is the last thing you should. These should be available through your fire department, council or appropriate government organization. 12, employ the catch phrase. Really a considerable lot of us overestimate ourselves in a drink and drive situation. Not at all like food, liquor doesnt process however gets retained in the bloodstream from the small intestine, and less quickly from the stomach and colon. HOW WE CAN prevent drunk driving.

What really happens when YOU drink AND drive. 8, teach your audience that even a minor fender bender caused by drunk driving will need to be attended by the emergency services. The following information is absolutely designed to scare you. According to research from the ntsb, from 2005 to 2014, speeding led to 112,580 passenger vehicle highway crash fatalities.

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dangers of drunk driving

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An estimated 6,000 of these victims were children under. Why would you drive drunk? These preventable incidents are a waste of professional resources whose time could be better spent saving lives or preventing serious crime. NOT just deadly, also illegal, as if bodily harm isnt enough deterrence, consider the fact that nearly.5 million arrests of drunk drivers are made annually. An obstacle course was available where students could drive a golf cart wearing goggles to impede their vision in the same manner that could happen if they had consumed alcohol. Your capacity to judge things and use sound judgment gets to be distinctly preferential. Anyone who has driven on an icy road or through a torrential downpour knows drivers must adjust their driving habits according to the conditions they face. They want programs like these to teach students how crucial the decisions they make behind the wheel really are. The board reminds us that the faster a person is driving, the greater the likelihood of being involved in a crash, and the more severe the injuries of occupants of vehicles in collisions.

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