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Shall Lead the Way. Of course, once Bruce takes over the universes greatest responsibility, his limited, selfish human agenda nearly ruins his life and the lives of those who love him, such as his girlfriend Grace. Just come up with a semi or totally unoriginal plot and a few predictable jokes and there you have it *poof* a movie. Read a true story the Works of J.R.R. Tolkein A Brief Time in History (short) about the experience of a biblical man who really, really wanted to see God, which I wrote for young people and families. Jennifer Aniston he calls upon God, and God answers.

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So, foolish and self-indulgent as it may be, rage against God is hardly new, and Bruces journey could actually have something very valuable to say to Christians and non-Christians alike about the nature of the Almighty. When the anchorman at his station retires, he feels he has a good chance to get promoted to the job. Bawkbagawk 5 February 2005 Note: Any proper noun uncapitalized is done so out of disrespect. Oh, sorry, I meant Barf. Just press the button and out comes the movie- Bzzzt! Jim Carrey needs meds! And, as usual, the movie features a less-than-holy language (including the f-word). Consider, for example, the way Bruce deals with a dog that pees in the house (the payoff shot, showing the dog learning a new way to use the newspaper, had me laughing so loudly that people were looking at me). Jesus Christ About jesus christ Answers to frequently-asked-questions Discover the good news that Jesus Christ offers Stumped about how to share your faith in Christ with others? Dean Semler's Cinematography is super. And it has to be better than being God, or a mean cable guy or a multiple personality. Steve Carell fumbles beautifully.

Supernaturally supercharged, Bruce takes on TV, landing the epithet 'Mr Exclusive' for his astounding stories. Jonah, who, when asked by God if he had any right to be angry, audaciously answered, I do, I am angry enough to die. Carrey on form, chris_Docker, now either you like Mr Carrey's humour or you don't. Kate can really help someone who tries, and Carrey does try and he is smart enough to know smart film ideas. God is used as a straight-man of sorts in this situation comedy, and is portrayed in flesh (shown as a janitor, an electrician, and an executive). This and other moments imply that the pain and tragedy so prevalent in our world dont occur because God doesnt care, but rather because, in our sin and confusion, we ignore Him and try to find happiness in all the wrong places.