critical Issues Concerning Animal Abuse

animal, and restitution laws should be in place and aggressively pursued so that law enforcement and shelters can take on this important work and whenever possible, quickly move the animals from legal limbo to new adoptive homes. Each of us has the power to save animals from nightmarish suffering-and best of all, its easier than you might think. Housing and caring for animals that have been victims of cruelty can also be extremely costly, especially when animals have been seriously harmed, are especially ill, or where there are large numbers of animal victims in a single case. Even strong anti-cruelty laws cannot adequately protect animals unless there is an expeditious resolution of ownership so that victims are not held for unnecessarily long periods during which they may suffer from behavioral deterioration, thereby decreasing the chance for a successful outcome. Familiarity with these provisions allows for the routine and effective use of the law to ensure that animals are removed from danger, hold times are as short as possible, impounding organizations are compensated, and victims are not returned to their abusers. Forfeiture should be required upon failure to post a bond and upon conviction of the underlying cruelty charges. As mentioned previously, the aspca often steps in to assist local shelters in shouldering this responsibility, but the resources we provide in individual cases are no substitute for the infrastructure and local resources needed to handle these cases effectively on an ongoing basis. Shelters and humane societies must be adequately resourced to do this life saving work, whether through contract provisions with the localities they serve or through arrangements made with law enforcement or county government to recompense them for their expenses. Typically, law enforcement agencies are not adequately resourced to shoulder this cost and often turn to other agencies, such as public or private shelters, to assist them with animal care and housing.

critical Issues Concerning Animal Abuse

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2014) (applying a best for all concerned standard in custody dispute and awarding defendant possession of pet shih tzu on grounds that plaintiff had largely abdicated care Travis. DNA testing can be done to link injuries to blood found in the pit or on other paraphernalia connected to the fighting or training activity. For example, Grey2kusa xYY Syndrome Disorder Worldwide announced on May 13, 2016 that Arizona became the 40th state to ban greyhound racing. While by no means dispositive, behavior evaluations can confirm if a group of dogs seized in a suspected fighting case exhibits the same type of aggression toward other dogs, in terms of style, intensity and consistency that is commonly displayed by experienced fighting dogs. If youre ready to join the millions of other compassionate people who are working to create a kinder, better world for animals, please read on to learn how animals suffer in the food, animal experimentation, entertainment, clothing and pet-trade industries. The aspca believes that training on applicable cruelty law and procedure should be a requirement for police, prosecutors and judges across the country.

It is of critical importance in studying abused youngsters to recognize that they. Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way. Explore this section to learn more about the issues. Here s a look at the top 11 animals rights issues, including hu man.

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