the Rationale for Using Coursebooks

"John went to Paris asking the class to give a quick translation. So I asked them to tell me about their last trip. To be fair, they are presented across 4 short texts, for an average of three idioms per text. Finally, some learners need the security of the mother tongue. Scott Thornbury (2002:37) explains that words that are too closely associated tend to interfere with each other, and can actually make the learning task more difficult. How to Teach Vocabulary. This situation does not, however, apply to the vast majority of EFL classes around the world, most of which will typically be taught by a non-native teacher of English and will consist in most cases of learners from a single linguistic background and culture. This may be their most effective way of learning vocabulary.

The mother tongue is also particularly effective with younger learners and adult learners at beginner level to check instructions, to ensure that concepts have been correctly understood and for general classroom management. Using the mother tongue can also be very useful in establishing the general "rules" for the class at the beginning of the course, one of which may of course be "English will be used at all times"!

Words that can fill the same slot in a sentence are particularly likely to be confused. The teacher with a knowledge of the mother tongue is othello - Venetian Society Othello Outsider also in a position to know potential problems with vocabulary items false friends, words easily confused, words with no equivalents and. You could decide not to teach this content if you think its not going to benefit your students. I mean, Im a big fan of idioms, but this list is more likely than not going to confuse students. By Tim Bowen, an article discussing the benefits of using the learners' first language in class. Many school districts have cut back on textbook purchases, hoping to save money, but many teachers wind up using photocopied material in the absence of textbooks anyway, which can cost even more. If you work at a Language Institute, however, its probably a good idea to check with your coordinator whether skipping something in the coursebook is acceptable. Many of the coursebooks I have worked with, from a variety of publishers, include vocabulary lists or vocabulary boxes, frequently presented with no context. No sooner did I ask that, one of the sisters started to cry. If you trim down the list from 12 to, say, five or six idioms and present them with enough context, students will stand a better chance of using them productively. The while-watching questions are: What are Phoebe and Rachel competing in?