theological Baggage

really good or really bad. I dont say this to suggest that the word has to die if music is to find new life. . As we make decisions everyday, we sometimes get confused on what we should. In other words I can confidently meet death and also accept the fear of death in a final confidence and surrender? Also, morals give Catholic families an anchor. Living the way less traveled is living a life centered in Christ in hope of fulfillment through Christ that is not based on materialism.

Theological Baggage
theological Baggage

In recent times especially (and I am thinking of the theology of Elder Sophrony we have the teaching that it can only be in suffering that we can follow Christ. Hard as it sounds, I was taught (by Bishop Ireneaeos and Archimandrite Zacharias) that praying and hoping for a miracle of healing, whilst certainly permitted and to be received with all due thanks if it happens, is, nevertheless, a sign of our weakness. Having set morals instilled in them through Catholicism, children may be more inclined to be good. If Christ is, as Apostle Paul tells us, the pioneer of our salvation, we have to follow His way which goes by the cross. To push the idea a little further: Wagner saw Beethovens Ninth as the culmination and end, the death of orchestral music pure and simple. .

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