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in, and now I know how they felt. Following the name change, Dempsey won six bouts in a row by knockout before losing on a disqualification in four rounds to Jack Downey. Georges Carpentier Dempsey's next defending fight was against French World War I hero Georges Carpentier, a fighter popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bob York KO 4 (6) May 30, 1916 Elko Theatre, Price, Utah,.S. Something in the Air. Willard his antithesis giant Kansan disliked fighting and has only one great victory to his credit. Majestic Theatre: - Oct 1928 (closing date unknown/31 performances).

Tunney recovered to win another 10-round decision. Retrieved July 10, 2012. Boulder, Colorado: Paladin Press. The fight was transmitted live by radio to Buenos Aires. See more » Publicity Listings: 1 Biographical Movie 3 Print Biographies 3 Portrayals 21 Articles 1 Pictorial 1 Magazine Cover Photo See more » Official Sites: Jack Dempsey c/o CMG Worldwide Height: 6' 0" (1.85 m) Edit Did You Know? 19 Title defenses edit Dempsey and Carpentier in the arena before the fight Following his victory, Jack Dempsey traveled around the country, making publicity appearances with circuses, staging exhibitions, and a low-budget Hollywood movie. Gunboat Smith PTS 4 Oct 2, 1917 Recreation Park, San Francisco, California,.S.

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6 Win 402 John Pierson KO 7 Mar 3, 1915 Utah,.S. Dempsey started boxing in 1914 under the name Kid Blackie. The fans at ringside immediately knew this was not the man they'd paid to see. Deforest himself said that he regarded the stories of Dempsey's gloves being loaded as libel, calling them "trash and said he did not apply any foreign substance to them, which I can verify since I watched the taping." 25 Sports writer Red Smith, in Dempsey's. "DempseyTunney 1927: The Long Count". 19 Other reports, however, failed to mention Willard suffered any real injuries. His widow, Deanna Dempsey died in 2003. Charley Miller KO 1 (4) Sep 19, 1917 Arena, Emeryville, California,.S. 6 7 8 Following his parents' conversion to Mormonism, 9 Dempsey was baptized into the LDS Church in 1903 following his 8th birthday, the "age of accountability according to Mormon doctrine. On the second occasion he was floored, Dempsey flew head-first through the ring ropes, landing on a ringside reporter's typewriter. In 1940 he had three knockout victories over unaccomplished opponents before retiring to referee boxing and wrestling matches.

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