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Though never published it gained exposure only through the publication of extracts. There is even a respect for poetic form evident in the four musical sonnets, which are made up of fourteen ten-note phrases following the rhythm of iambic pentameter, each with the capacity to be played alongside a spoken Shakespearean sonnet without alteration.

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The harmony of the Ellington/Strayhorn writing partnership can make it difficult to discern who composed what a whodunit game indulged in by the band, in Strayhorns words much as the ongoing debates about Shakespearean authorship seek to determine the contribution of contemporaries like Christopher Marlowe. Ellingtons ambitious attitude towards jazz has elicited comparisons with Shakespeare: he is a figure in jazz of Shakespearean proportion, and critics have written of his music as having a truly Shakespearean universality. Another significant example of Ellington and Strayhorns literature-inspired compositions. As a self-declared forerunner in the increasing interrelationship between the adherents to art forms in various fields, Duke Ellington understood the importance of one seemingly simple yet sophisticated principle in both music and literature: when it sounds good, it is good. Explore our dedicated, duke Ellington Artist Page, related Topics: Dave Brubeck Quartet. It is unsurprising that Ellington, the master of musical portraiture, read this as a challenge. Ellingtons interest in literature is, in fact, discernible in both his literature-inspired musical compositions and, indeed, his own writing. A personal favourite is a chapter entitled The Taste Buds, in which Ellington (notoriously a man of large appetite) advises the reader on the best places to acquire a variety of food, from. Odeslme za 6-11 dn, pidat mezi pn, mohlo by se vm tak lbit. A Midsummer Nights Dream, is in fact an interpretation of Act One Scene Three. My People ) and an unrealised jazz opera (.

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