marcius Portius Cato

his first acquaintance with Greek literature, though some think after examining his writings that he may have had a knowledge of Greek works for much of his life. He was struck with horror, along with many other Romans of the graver stamp, at the licence of the Bacchanalian mysteries, which he attributed to the influence of Greek manners; and he vehemently urged the dismissal of the philosophers Carneades, Diogenes, and Critolaus, who had. He revised with unsparing severity the lists of Senators and Knights, ejecting from either order the men whom he judged unworthy of membership, either on moral grounds or on the basis of their lack the prescribed means. Quinctius Flamininus for wanton cruelty was an example of his rigid justice. As praetor, he expelled usurers from Sardinia.

According to Valerius Maximus 8 he survived his 86th year; according to Livy 9 and Plutarch 10 he was 90 years old when he died. Other  Praenomen  in  Use by Members of Legion xxiv  -  These are non-historical Praenomen that have been adopted by Legion xxiv Members. . Further reading edit Astin,.

Unauthorised plumbing into Rome's aqueducts had always been a problem, as Frontinus records much later. Physical appearance edit Plutarch wrote that Cato's appearance was characterized by reddish hair and keen grey eyes. There is some disagreement between Nepos (or the pseudo-Nepos and Plutarch, 23 in their accounts of this topic. For his achievements in Hispania, the senate decreed a thanksgiving making an inorganic pigment ceremony of three days. Ezrt az mvei sokkal letszerbbek, sznesebbek, romantikusabbak.