are Marijuana Users Misunderstood?

the experience people get from medical marijuana. In the past, it has been looked at as the devils plant, maybe there are even some who looked at it and thought of it as something that Satan himself planted in the soils of the Earth just to bring confusion and chaos. Many teen-focused public-service ads warning about the perils of weed focus on the fact that it makes you antisocial, unable to talk to members of the opposite sex, and an overall dud in the sack. Which naturally leads to barrels of laughs, all around. While an average cigarette smoker would be likely to puff a pack a day, an average daily pot smoker probably wouldn't be toking 20 joints per 24 hours. In the polarizing debate over marijuana, some pro-marijuana folks would like you to believe that marijuana is harmless. This is why I bring up the difference Between a stoner and somebody who uses marijuana to better their life. That, and the trickle-down effect on the smaller intricacies of the black market that would occur, can serve as overwhelming evidence as to how marijuana legalization would put a serious dent in criminal elements all over the continent. The average content in marijuana of the component that produces a high, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC has increased from around 1-2 in the 60s, 70s, and 80s to at least 13 now. I dont smoke marijuana everyday because its cool or just because I like being broke from how expensive it is, I smoke it everyday because without it I would honestly want to die. I am here to tell you that not everyone that uses marijuana Is just looking to get high or fit in with the cool crowd.

Along with nearly 16,000 new jobs created so far, it has become a viable part of Colorado's economy without suffering any spikes in crime, and uses of Exoteric and Esoteric zero difference in teen use of the drug than in states where the drug is prohibited. So it's not fair to qualify marijuana as physiologically and inherently addictive like harder drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc. I'm sorry to disappoint, Dazed and Confused fans, but the father of our country grew hemp, not weed. Weed and pot are words that are generally used to describe marijuana or various derivatives of the substance. People do get "addicted technically, but a similar addiction could occur with chocolate, or driving race cars every weekend. So most who use marijuana do not have problems, just as most who drink alcohol do not, either.