my September 11th

support. Any feeling of excitement I had ended in that horrible moment that seemed to drag on for eons. It was a time when things were simple. I knew immediately he could be called back to go to war. I sat for several hours glued to the TV crying and curled in a ball. In loving memory of my friend and former classmate at Boston University, Lisa Frost, who lost her life digestive Process at 22 when United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. Don't misunderstand; I'm not making light of any other town's grief or claiming sole dominion over feelings of loss for our small berg. Oh Jesus, God, No! It was more than I could bear. A hard scene to watch, I waited anxiously for the attendant to get off the phone. Cell phone service was intermittent, at best, and the kids had no way to know if their parents were alive or dead.

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my September 11th

I dismissed it, and I'm horribly ashamed to say, I basked in the electric atmosphere that seemed to be crackling all around. By this time, word had spread throughout the high school of the South Tower collapse, but students had not heard much else. There was another plane crashed into the Pentagon. How she knew, I'll never know, and to this day all she ever says is "I just knew." "I don't know, mom, it seems like a pretty crazy way to attack." As the word "attack" came out of my mouth, the three of. It's coming down and there's a cloud of dust about to envelop us! The morning of September 11, though, when I walked in to the attendance office, the scene of carnage and grief I saw was truly horrifying. I miss her every day. Where I live, in the suburbs of New York City, we were especially hard hit, and from my town alone we lost 77 people. From the minute I walked in the door, I knew something wasnt right. That's when I heard that poor girl reporter on the radio crying, and I turned the broadcast. Something's wrong, something's terribly wrong.

After September 11th, I dealt with several employee questions about Muslims. We all were just trying to function the best we could. This is the first time I've tried, though, and I do hope it's given you some insight into the pandemonium that reigned for days here on Long Island. Normally, to excuse a child from school here, you need a note and a parent - a sibling won't suffice. That was the first part of my September 11 morning.