the American Commander in World War II

was that he desperately needed riflemen and he did not care where they came from or what color they were. The Fighting 201st by Maggie Van Ostrand Mexico organized the 201st Fighter Squadron, a select group of Mexican pilots. With a stroke of the pen, Eisenhower soon had enough men to form 53 all-black rifle platoons that after training would be assigned as the 5th Platoon to all-white infantry companies. Of Company D, 56th Armored Infantry Battalion, 12th Armored Division, who led a four-man assault group against a German position. Thanks - Pierce Gawne, Denton, Texas, June 25, 2002 My kids are writing a report on wwii; they have to have 3 sources. Even during the war, Washington passed orders that forced blacks from the ranks.

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A chief finding was that the colored soldiers performed well in combat (84 percent of the officers say the colored troops did very well, and the remainder says fairly well. Ralstons praise for his men echoed among most commanders on the Western Front. According to authorities this was the first consolidated listing of Army dead and missing in World War. History by Murray Montgomery Of all the chaplains in the.S. Eckhardt "To understand what happened, you the book that started the war have to be aware of a man known as 'The German Zane Grey.' His name was Karl May (pronounce it 'my. Know who I am, the captain told the major in charge of the recreation center.

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