light in August

of the events at the end of the novel. Class and religion edit In Light in August, as in most of the other novels set in Yoknapatawpha County, Faulkner focuses mainly on poor white Southerners, both from the upper and lower classes, who struggle to survive in the ruined post-war economy of the South. University of Iowa Press. Bobbie a waitress at a restaurant in Memphis les Liaisons Dangereuses whom the adolescent Joe Christmas falls in love with and proposes to on the night that he kills his father at a local dance. Retrieved 18 November 2012. When she arrives in Jefferson, Lucas is there, but he has changed his name to Joe Brown. Gail Hightower the former minister of Jefferson, forced to retire after his wife was discovered to be having an affair in Memphis and committed suicide. The life and death of Joe Christmas is reminiscent of the passion of Christ, Lena and her fatherless child parallel Mary and Christ, and Byron Bunch acts as a Joseph figure. Though their relationship is passionate at first, Joanna begins menopause and turns to religion, which frustrates and angers Christmas. Though his grandfather wants Christmas lynched, his grandmother visits him in the Jefferson jail and advises him to seek help from Hightower.

Some reviewers saw Faulkner's narrative techniques not as innovations but as errors, offering Faulkner recommendations on how to improve his style and admonishing him for his European modernist tricks. Title edit The title refers to the fire of the house that is at the center of the story. At the end of the story, an anonymous man is talking to his wife about two strangers he picked up on a trip to Tennessee, recounting that the woman had a child and the man was not the father. The characters in Light in August who are mostly from the lower classes, with the exception of Reverend Hightower and Joanna Burdenare united by poverty and Puritanical values that cause them to regard an unwed mother like Lena Grove with disdain.

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His grandparents arrive in town and visit Gail Hightower, the disgraced former minister of the town and friend of Byron Bunch. She exodus Liberation Theology has been told that a man named Bunch works at the mill and assumes it is Lucas, because the name sounds similar. She conceives after a tryst with a member of a traveling circus, whom she claims is Mexican. Armstid Armstid's wife, who gives Lena money in spite of her disdain for the young woman. Milly Hines the teenage mother of Joe Christmas. She scorns him and leaves him. Her evangelism comes to remind Joe of Simons, and he murders her. Having redeemed himself at last, Hightower is then depicted as falling into a deathlike swoon, his whole life flashing before his eyes, including the past adventures of his Confederate grandfather, who was killed while stealing chickens from a farmer's shed. He has been living in Jefferson with Joe Christmas in a cabin on Joanna Burden's property under the name Joe Brown and working with Christmas and Byron at the planing mill. Both Joe Christmas and Lena Grove are orphans, strangers in town, and social outcasts, though the former draws anger and violence from the community, while the latter is looked down upon but receives generous assistance in her travels.

light in August

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