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public schools can be as large as 25-30 students (or more) while most private schools keep their class sizes closer to an average of 10-15 students, depending on the school. 29 Fees range from under 3,000 to 21,000 and above per year for day pupils, rising to 27,000 per year for boarders. You want to give your child the best, but you also have income constraints to think. Some schools have a Harkness Table, an oval-shaped table that began at Philips Exeter Academy to allow all the people at the table to look at each other during discussions. As many public schools are facing budget cuts that lead to larger class sizes and fewer resources, many private schools are continuing to flourish. While public school teachers always need to be certified, private school teachers often dont need formal certification. The Private Education Student Financial Assistance is made available to underprivileged, but deserving high school graduates, who wish to pursue college/technical education in private colleges and universities. Retrieved 13 February 2013.

Most college-preparatory private schools do a thorough job of preparing their graduates to succeed in college, however, this too varies based on the individual school. By law, public schools must accept all children. Some such schools teach religious education, together with the usual academic subjects to impress their particular faith's beliefs and traditions in the students who attend.

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Public schools in North America: Private school tuition. India edit Students of a private school in Mizoram, India In India, private schools are called independent schools, but since some private schools receive financial aid from the government, it can be an aided or an unaided school. This presents a massive issue as not only does it place a burden on parents and younger families, but it also prevents certain individuals from realizing their full potential. Its a debate that rages across the playgrounds and living rooms of America. The good news for parents is that public schools cannot charge tuition. "Alternative Schools : Education Outside The Traditional System".

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