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Sir Oliver consults Rowley, Sir Peters shrewd and observing servant, in an attempt to learn more about his nephews characters. Candour enters and ironically talks about how "tale-bearers are as bad as the tale-makers." Soon after that, Sir Benjamin and Crabtree also enter, bringing a good deal of gossip with them. Joseph arrives to confer with Lady Sneerwell. Sir Oliver says he has met both of his nephews and agrees with Sir Peter's (former) estimate of Joseph's high character, but then acknowledges with laughter that he knows the story of what happened at Joseph's with the closet and screen. On the other hand, the play has also been criticised for some hints of anti-Semitism, specifically "the disparaging remarks made about moneylenders, who were often Jewish." 18 It is true that the moneylender Moses is portrayed in a comparatively positive light, but the way. Act IV edit, miss Chester as Lady Teazle, scene I : Charles goes on to sell all of the family portraits to "Premium using the rolled-up family tree as a gavel. Despite their quarrel, Sir Peter still finds himself charmed by his wife even when she is arguing with him. Sir Oliver concludes that "this is the temple of dissipation indeed!".

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He I am informed has a Brother who courts a Milliners' Prentice in Pallmall whose mistress has a first cousin whose sister is Feme Femme de Chambre to Mrs. When it is acted, you hear people all around you exclaiming, "Surely it is impossible for anything to be cleverer." The scene in which Charles sells all the old family pictures but his uncle's, who is the purchaser in disguise, and that of the discovery. "School For Scandal there's a new generation of analysts who rose to the top like cream. 15 Edmund Gosse called the play "perhaps the best existing English comedy of intrigue 16 while Charles Lamb wrote that "This comedy grew out of Congreve and Wycherley but criticised "sentimental incompatibilities" even while admitting that "the gaiety upon the whole is buoyant." 17 Samuel. 22 The style of the play has also made it at times a problematic work to make effective in today's theatre. Everyone is happy except Lady Sneerwell and Joseph Surface. He departs, the others retire to the next room, and Joseph seizes the opportunity to court Maria, who rejects him again.

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