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selling oil on the world market and becoming a blood-money billionaire. Due to the efforts of the American Taliban, another women's health clinic closed its doors today. They cut funding for education, they cut funding for infrastructure repair, they cut funding for health care, and when Obamacare passed, they refused the funding it offered that would have increased enrollment in the state Medicaid program, causing funding to be cut to hospitals all. They raised the state sales tax project Proposal on groceries. Republicans arent a political party anymore. Everything weve seen over the last month proves that every Republican currently breathing oxygen stands foursquare behind this stuff. I had a nightmare some years ago. I had moved from Los Angeles to a southern state that had gone from marginally purple to bright red in the last election. The letters release comes as the US steps up airstrikes in support of anti-insurgent ground and air operations by Afghan forces, under Mr Trumps new war strategy.

Grounds for American Revolution, International Law vs. the American Constitution, Talk Shows and American Culture,

#lwnj #far-left #bullying #marginalization #demonization #close-mindedness by psara September 26, 2013 American Taliban unknown Vocal, well-financed, extreme fundamentalist Christians attempting to legislate the oppression of homosexuals, women and science at loss of national soverignty the expense of our national schools, national health and.S. Keep them in poverty by refusing to raise the.25 minimum wage? They conclude that it is not too late for the American people to understand that the Islamic Emirate as representative of its people can solve its problems with every side through healthy politics and dialogue. Hillary Clinton called. They do have a plan. Those are the programs you actually pay for with your payroll taxes, Social Security and Medicare, which arent entitlements at all, but rather the federally established insurance policies that protect the elderly against poverty and disease. Appoint a Secretary of Education who wants to privatize public education? Citizen and traitorous idiot who was captured in Afghanistan at the start of the war there against the Taliban after the 9/11 attacks. What could be wrong with that? When squabbling amongst themselves put that out of reach, they started nibbling. They knew what they were doing.