malcolm X and His Conversion to Islam

the conclusion that history had been written almost exclusively from a white point of view, and was particularly inspired. "If they had lived in another kind of society, their exceptional mathematical talents might have been better used. At this time, he remembers, being a waiter or a bootblack were considered good, respectable professions for a 'Negro'. As with everything he did, Malcolm X had a sense of urgency about the project, and it was all but completed by the time he was gunned down in 1965. Malcolm really had two great awakenings, the first in prison and the second at Mecca.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)made him an ideological hero, especially among black youth. Under Malcolms lieutenancy, the Nation claimed a membership of 500,000. The first may have given the film A Fish Called Wanda him the pride and purpose to fight an external monster - American racism - but the second gave him the courage to throw off his own prejudices. But his critique of liberalism went on unabated. 7 in Harlem, the largest and most prestigious temple in the Nation after the Chicago headquarters. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz,. The teacher said to him: "A lawyer - that's no realistic goal for a nigger. In prison, Little had been given the nickname 'Satan' because he hated any talk of the Bible or God. He also articulated the Nations racial doctrines on the inherent evil of whites and the natural superiority of blacks. Every one of the thousands at the airport, about to leave for Jedda, was dressed this way, Malcolm wrote.

In that regard, whites were better off busying themselves with confronting their own pathological racism. Renouncing the separatist beliefs of the Nation, he claimed that the solution to racial problems in the United States lay in orthodox Islam.