friendship in Sula

: the nature and limits of a mothers love. At the novels end, Nel also realizes that she has harbored a deep pain and sorrow about losing her friend Sula. Nel is 55 years old, and all of her kids have grown. It follows two girls, Nel and Sula, from childhood to adulthood and describes the way their deep bond is tested by societal norms. Together, they are perfect. She refuses to fall for the social norms of her community, so she follows her own rules. Total price:.00, common topics in this essay: Friendship In Sula interpersonal attraction, sula, the Ballad Of The Sad Cafe: Love And Attraction.

It sustains the characters and gets them through some of the most difficult times in their lives. But friendship is also complicated and difficult. It causes pain and heartache as friends develop different understandings of what friendship actually means.

Another example of a mothers love is the love Helene had for her daughter Nel. Relationships in which each partner gives equally are called symbiotic. The symbiotic nature between Sula and Nel began during their adolescent years. . Hannah is the next to die, burning alive after accidentally setting herself aflame while trying to do laundry. Helene and her daughter Nel travel to New Orleans to visit a dying relative. The main theme throughout the book is that of friendship.