effect of Condoms Distribution and Sex Education

much more if you give condoms to these teens. (Grunson) The assumption should not be that all teenagers are wanting or ready to be sexually active. Teaching purity, abstinence and the virtue of being a virgin at marriage will do more good, rather than distributing condoms to them allowing them to be tempted in doing such acts. National Center for Biotechnology Information. By providing condoms, schools offend peoples religions and make taxpayers pay the expense of the program. Two thirds of the 48 comprehensive sex-ed programs studied had positive effects (Stein). Its a dangerous game that teens dont think about during the heat of the moment. Journal-Sentinel that the proposal is not about "handing condoms out like candy." The goal, he said, a Night In The Rain is for the program to give students seeking guidance about sexual activity another resource. . National Library of Medicine Previous Document: The effectiveness of the Reach for Health Community Youth Service learning program in reducing early. Milwaukee Public School district, gave voice to this study, telling the.

The question remains: does it encourage teens to engage in sex by pushing condoms in their hands? The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's aids Administration also utilized the popular cartoon format by creating King Condom in 1988. Counselling should start first at home, this is probably the initial thing to do in order to lead your children to the right track. In this case, the female character suggests that aids education has challenged the predominant association of condoms with embarrassment. Then again, as the researchers point out, some public-health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have recently advocated condom-distribution programs in schools. "Condoms in School Said Not to Affect Teen-Age Sex Rate." The New York Times. The topic of sex education always sparks intense debate, and now the conversation may become even more heated. . In 1990, the Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health for Aboriginal Health Workers of Australia created the poster above as part of a campaign to dispel misconceptions about HIV/aids. These opponents use the rate of STDs among students as evidence that schools should be more proactive in educating teenagers about the dangers of sex. . Works Cited, fink, John. Aids and Condom Distrabution. The program failed horribly; the exposure to STDs and pregnancies doubled instead of decreasing.