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of the deceased. A larger container may be used, such as a ship. "What is an Eternal Reef?". As such all graves are dug to greater depth for the initial burial than the traditional six feet to facilitate this practice. Sometimes multiple bodies are buried in a single grave either by choice (as in the case of married couples due to space concerns, or in the case of mass graves as a way to deal with many bodies at once.

18 Body positioning edit A Muslim cemetery in Sahara, all graves point across the desert placed at right angles to Mecca Burials may be placed in a number of different positions. Retrieved Claude de Ville de Goyte (2004). 11 Types of natural burial edit Conservation burial edit Conservation burial is a type of burial where burial fees fund the acquisition and management of new land to benefit native habitat, ecosystems and species. It took until 1998 for cremation to rapidly grow in popularity. The lower class quickly followed suit, copying the newly set traditions of the upper classes. Burial or interment is the ritual act of placing a dead person or animal, sometimes with objects, into the ground. Some people view green burials as more meaningful, especially for those who have a connection to a piece of land, such as current residence or other places that hold meaning for them. An exception to this is a grave in the military cemetery in Jerusalem, where there is a kever achim ( Hebrew, "grave of brothers where two soldiers were killed together in a tank and are buried in one grave. 9 Natural burial became popularized in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s by Ken West, a professional cremator operator for the city of Carlisle, responding to the.K's call for changes in government that aligned with the United Nations' Environmental Program Local Agenda. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was once believed to have been buried in such a manner, but today it is known that such burials were never allowed in Mozart's Vienna whose Magistrate refused to agree to the burial regulations decreed by Joseph.

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