lulz Security Vows to End Cyberattacks After 50 Days

four years. According to experts, the Stuxnet virus became the worlds first cyber weapon. According to the Ninjas, the leader of LulzSec is a 34-year-old Brazilian man who goes by the on-line name Sabu. A department spokesperson said the hackers had penetrated a server that contains data about all crimes committed in the United States, including computer hacks. Learning from past incidents is a good way to prepare for possible hacktivist attacks. Operation Syria : Syrian Defense Ministry website hacked by Anonymous. Anti-hacking group Team Web Ninjas has posted what they say are the names, addresses, phone numbers and in some cases pictures of LulzSec members. Swede Daniel Sandberg, 23, aka 'Topiary has previously spoken on Swedish TV about another hacking group Anonymous, and is thought to be a long standing member of the underground hacking fraternity.

Derived from combining the words "hack" and "activism the term hacktivism was first coined in 1996 by Omega, a member of the hacker collective. Gov - website of US Senate. PayPal, Visa and MasterCard were among those attacked. Britain's top policeman has today described the arrest of the teenager as "very significant". It also helps to collect and study anomalies in network activity to help mitigate threats. Earlier, similar complaints came from several other Russian media outlets, including RIA Novosti, which suffered a massive DDoS attack on May. June 16 Technical disruption' to the website of the CIA. Apart from a mass of computer equipment, his bedroom was like that of many teenage boys with photographs of scantily-clad women on the walls.

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May 23: Sonymusic Japan website, may 30: US broadcaster PBS. On July 10, The New York Times reported, citing senior US officials, that suspected Chinese hackers penetrated some of the databases of the United States Office of Personnel Management and stole data of federal employees, who had applied for top-secret security clearances, in March. The teenager who lives in this house in Wickford, Essex, is accused of being a 'major player' within LulzSec A more recent image of the teenager. Operation Tunisia: later recognized as the beginning of the Arab Spring. Estonia rushed to blame Moscow and Russian security agencies, but experts reckoned that the attacks had been global and had come from more than one country. As such, companies and organizations must make sure to update all IT systems, operating systems, applications, and websites regularly. Scotland Yard said an unnamed 17-year-old from south London had also been charged with two counts of computer hacking.