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mocked the town's inhabitants as "yokels" and "morons". And so it was to continue in this manner. Neal, clarence darrow, arthur. Time' s initial coverage of the trial focused on Dayton as "the fantastic cross between a circus and a holy war". The defendant - John T Scopes. Scopes mentioned that while he couldn't remember whether he had actually taught evolution in class, he had, however, gone through the evolution chart and chapter with the class.

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The Defence were formed by; John Neal, a law school dean from Knoxville. 37 Teaching of science The Scopes trial had both short and long term effects in the teaching of science in schools in the United States. When Darrow addressed the issue of the temptation of Eve by the serpent, Bryan insisted that the Bible be"d verbatim rather than allowing Darrow to paraphrase it in his own terms. Author David Goetz 31 claimed that the majority of Christians denounced evolution at the time. Raich, supra, Meyer. One is not prohibited by this act from teaching, either that "days as used in the book of Genesis, means days of 24 hours, the literalist view, or days of "a thousand years" or more, as held by liberalists, so long as the teaching does.