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: a series of economic events from the second half of the 15th century to the first half of the 17th, the price revolution refers most specifically to the high rate of inflation that characterized the period across Western Europe. The strong interconnectedness and interdependence of the participating systems in their technologies and markets. Renaissance technological revolution (13401470 AD) The potential future technological revolution edit After 2000 there became popular the idea that a sequence of technological revolutions is not over and in the forthcoming future we will witness the dawn of a new universal technological revolution. A new technological revolution should increase a productivity of work, efficiency and. Industrial revolution (17801840). Anton, Richard Silberglitt, James Schneider (2001 The Global Technology Revolution - Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015., rand, isbn). The technological change we could see as an introduction of an individual (single) new technology while the technological revolution as a period in which more new technologies are adopted at the almost same time. Scientific-technical revolution (19401970). Edu, August 22, 2016). It can play a role of a trigger of a chain of various and unpredictable changes: 3, what distinguishes a technological revolution from a random collection of technology systems and justifies conceptualizing it as a revolution are two basic features:.

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1 Perez, Carlota (2009 Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms., in Working Papers in Technology Governance and Economic Dynamics, Working Paper. Axe made of iron, dating from Swedish. For example, it can have negative environmental impact and cause a temporal unemployment (so called technological unemployment ). 4 for example: Drucker, Peter. Celtic and Greek technological revolution (700200 BC).

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