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single winner is the person with the most votes, there is no requirement that the winner gain an absolute majority of votes. The Electoral College is a body of electors chosen by the political parties in each state to elect the President of the.S.The Electoral College was created because the Framers were wary of giving the people the power to directly elect the President. It's been proposed everywhere from Los Angeles to Modesto, but only the three Alameda County cities the Alliance System and the New Imperialism have signed on for. If that, too, was tied, the.S. Wattenberg, and Robert. The members of the convention felt that the direct election of the president by the people would give them too much power. Such stability, rare in human history, should not be lightly dismissed.

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Essay Research Paper.broad acceptance of a winning candidate, while election by the House was provided as a default method in the event of electoral college deadlock.

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Thus, luc Bessons movie The Big Blue Hayes was elected president despite the fact that Tilden, by everyone? Later, Congress passed a law that gave states exclusive powers to resolve all controversies involving the selection of electors. N The person with the most electoral votes, provided that it was an absolute majority (at least one over half of the total became president. This allows a voter to pick the candidate they want the most for their top choice followed by a slightly lesser desired candidate. For the past hundred years, the Electoral College has functioned without incident in every presidential election through two world wars, a major economic depression, and several periods of acute civil unrest.

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