events Causes The Revolutionary War

one of a series of acts passed by the British Parliament meant to control colonial trade and keep all trade profits within the British Empire. Mercantilism - that basically means money power. We wanted freedom, we were sick of being told what to do by a king.

The first shots would not be fired for another 40 years, but the attitude that developed as a result of the, molasses Act helped pave the way to the Revolutionary War. The Sugar Act increased already considerable taxes on molasses and restricted certain export goods to Britain alone. Colonists would no longer stand for "taxation without representation" and. More and more colonists believed they were being forced to lay down their own needs and rights for the interests of merchants and bankers back in England. Overview of the causes, it was not any one event but a series of events that led to the Revolutionary War 1754, it was the arguably the consequences of the French and Indian War that began the series of events leading to war 1764, the. George analysis of John Proctor Washington, for example, was able to raise morale and get lots of followers and believers in the cause. The overwhelming population growth, through in no small part the immigration of Germans and Scots - Irish meant that cultural ties to the Mother Country were gradually being severed. The Growth of communism The domino theory The cold war The French loosing control of Vietnam (the French were an ally of the American) The belief that communism was an international conspiracy. Some notable cause are as follows: Also known as the Seven Years War, The French and Indian War was fought over conflicting territorial claims between the French and British in the Ohio River Valley.

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