forming a Perfect Nation

quality form, is what matters most. It could not have happened to a nicer party. This is nonsense, if only because the party idolises Marshal Petain, the pro-Hitler leader whose wartime role was to crush an authentic resistance. And your well thought out plans would have missed something anyway. As it happened, Le Pen then gained leave to appeal his ineligibility and put himself at the head of the list. If some lives form a perfect circle others take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Don't live in perfect nations.

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By the time every conceivable variance was contemplated, anticipated and prepared for, your model would be an unworkable heap of complicated, bureaucratic morass. The Front's lethal hold on French politics might have been sustainable if it hadn't given some thinkers in the movement ideas. Action started from the last year is continuing in the perfect form this year, too. Those things are perfect in form and balance. Until the three worlds form a perfect whole, there will be no true order, no true salvation. Since the mid-1980s, high unemployment and the inexorable advance of European integration have been Le Pen's dearest allies, accompanied by the shrinkage of the now impotent French Communist Party. The enmity between the two has been growing. To the morning you can wake up you with a rich sideboard breakfast of dessert and salty and to spend a day in perfect form. Forestalling him, Le Pen immediately announced that he divorce and Ambition was placing at the head of the Front's European list his new wife, Jany, an attractive blonde without political experience. The Front became the perfect vehicle for French gripers.

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