quest of the Faes

sword fight, but is stabbed to death by his own son, and his soul taken to hell. Interview with The Bemis Promotions Team External links edit. When Kylie was first sent to Shadow Falls Camp, Sara worried that she might be pregnant, but the test result was negative. They are currently engaged. She took him in when Lucas's parents didn't want him, and took care of him in ways his parents never did. They never saw each other again until 11 years later, when they reunite at Shadow Falls Camp. Whenever Lucas asks him for a favor, he would agree. She had a boyfriend named Lee and dreamed of working in law enforcement rather than her father's plans of being a doctor. Because she ruined her sister's happiness by sleeping with her fianc, Hannah's spirit was filled with grief and shame, and so refused to visit Holiday. She meets and falls in love with a man named John Anthony in Taken at Dusk, but finds out about his evil side at the end of Chosen at Nightfall when Kylie comes to her rescue. From then on, they become a couple.

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She is the main character of the spin-off stories - Turned at Dark that journeys her transformation and pain and Suffering in To Kill a Mockingbird her decision to attend Shadow Falls, and Saved at Sunrise where Burnett James sends her and shape-shifter Steve on a mission. The fifth and final novel, Chosen at Nightfall was released on April 23, 2013. In Born at Midnight, Derek used her to make Kylie jealous. In Taken at Dusk, he assigns himself as Kylie's "shadow" (meaning: bodyguard). Lucas Parker is the other of Kylie's love interests. She was a werewolf, who was threatened by the Blood Brothers Gang with her sister's life to help shut down the camp.

quest of the Faes

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