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down upon by society if they never married. It points at the effects and report of the battles, which they imagine the holy people are fighting above. They likewise say, Hasse Ookkl imacr;lle Cheele, "the sun is, or has been, caused to die in the water. Wollstonecraft's work in the 18th century were certainly ahead of their time (in that feminist thought did not yet exist yet she did not take her arguments to any level of extremism (possibly because there was no concept of feminism to support her ideas). On the tenth day of the moon Ethanim, the first day of the civil year, they celebrated the great fast, or feast of expiation, afflicted their fouls, and ate nothing the whole day. The play at first it seems to be about mystery, but it abruptly grows into a feminist perspective. The Indians formerly observed the grand festival of the annual expiation of sin, at the beginning of the first new moon, in which their corn became full-eared; but for many years past they are regulated by the season of their harvest. The play originally was written for the Jacobean audience of Shakespeare's time, but since then has taken on many other readings. The period is always accompanied with a sounding vehemence, to inforce their musical speech: and the music is apparently designed to please the ear, and affect the passions. Keenta signifies "a beaver Ookka "water and Heenna "a path but, for a smooth cadence, they contract them into one word, Keentookheenna; which very expressively signifies "a beaver-dam" The Indian compounded words, are generally pretty long; but those that are radical, or simple, are mostly. On this, the Archi-magus brings it out in an old earthen vessel, whereon he had placed it, and lays it on the sacred altar, which is under an arbour, thick-weaved a-top with green boughs. Such wretched misers they brand with bad characters, and with them the fate of Prometheus, to have an eagle or vulture fastened to their liver: or of Tantalus, starving in the midst of plenty, without being able to use.

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As their dialects are guttural, the indications they use, with the hand or 80 fingers, in common discourse, to accompany their speech, is the reason that strangers imagine they make only a gaggling noise, like what we are told of the Hottentots, without any articulate. A Number of particulars present themselves in favour of a Jewish descent. It may well be supposed, they wandered from captivity to this far-distant wilderness, in a distrest condition, where they could scarcely cover themselves from the inclemency of heat and cold. The Indians sometimes call a nasty fellow, Chookphe kussooma, 24 kussoma, "a stinking sheep and "a goat." And yet a goat was one of the Egyptian deities; as likewise were all the creatures that bore wool; on which account, the sacred writers frequently term idols. They take up their war-instruments, and fight a mock-battle in a very exact manner: after which, the women are called to join in a grand dance, and if they disobey the invitation they are fined. Though they are become exceedingly corrupt, in most of their ancient commendable qualities, yet they are so hospitable, kind-hearted, and free, that they would share with those of their own tribe, the last part of their provisions, even to a single ear of corn; and. tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism Free Essays 2159 words (6.2 pages) Preview - Perspectives on New Historicism, Feminist Criticism and Deconstruction in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter Introduction Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter has been a highly debatable topic of numerous critical essays, written. Slavery affected the entire nation. When I past that way, circumstances did not allow me to view this singular figure; but I am assured by several of the traders, who have frequently seen it, that the carving is modest, and very neatly finished, not unworthy of a modern civilized artist. The play is a good example of how Williams, a homosexual, contributed to the "modern malaise" by undermining the legitimacy of heterosexual males, females and the family. They frequently say, "Such a one was weighed on the path, and made to be light ascribing life and death to God's unerring and particular providence; which may be derived from a religious opinion, and proverb of the Hebrews, that "the divine care extended itself.

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