navigation Acts and Mercantilism

with benefits of the act widely recognized, Parliament soon passed new legislation which enlarged its scope. "A Quantitative Approach to the Study of the Effects of British Imperial Policy of Colonial Welfare: Some Preliminary Findings". 7 These early companies held the monopoly on trade with their plantation; this meant that the developed commerce was to be England's. The Molasses Act was the first of the Sugar Acts. In the trade with America and the West Indies, the Dutch kept up a flourishing "smuggling" trade, thanks to the preference of English planters for Dutch import goods and the better deal the Dutch offered in the sugar trade.

They reflected the policy of mercantilism, which sought to keep all the benefits of trade inside the Empire and to minimize the loss of gold and silver to foreigners. American History PowerPoint Presentations, Notes and Cloze Worksheets. Free PowerPoint presentations also available.

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The navigation acts entitled colonial shipping and seamen to enjoy the full benefits of the otherwise exclusively English provisions. Breaking the terms of the act would result in the forfeiture of the ship and its cargo. The act additionally declared that all persons or their heirs claiming any right or property "in any Islands or Tracts of Land upon the Continent of America by Charter or Letters Patent shall not in the future alienate, sell or dispose of any of the. Additional enumerated items would be included in subsequent navigation acts, for example the cocoa bean was added in 1672, after drinking chocolate became the fashion. 19 The Treaty of Westminster (1654) ended the impasse. 32 In tightening the wording of the 1660 act, and after noting the daily "great abuses being committed. 16 It reinforced long-standing principles of national policy that English trade and fisheries should be carried in English vessels. English Civil War was in its final stages and the. Such a sale must be signified by a prior Order in Council. Org Navigation Act 1660, text a b c Purvis, Thomas. Furthermore, imports of the 'enumerated' commodities (such as sugar, rice, and tobacco) had to be landed and taxes paid before continuing to other countries.