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foster parent is also a political and family priority for many lesbians, as is improving access to artificial insemination. 212 Foster further asserts 1928 was a "peak year" for lesbian-themed literature; in addition to The Well of Loneliness, three other novels with lesbian themes were published in England: Elizabeth Bowen 's The Hotel, Woolf's Orlando, and Compton Mackenzie 's satirical novel Extraordinary Women. Berlin had a vibrant homosexual culture in the 1920s: about 50 clubs catering to lesbians existed, women had their own magazine titled Die Freundin ( The Girlfriend ) between 19, and another titled Garonne specifically for male transvestites and lesbians. The terms lesbian, invert and homosexual were interchangeable with sapphist and sapphism around the turn of the 20th century. 136 The crime was first identified in South Africa 137 where it is sometimes supervised by members of the woman's family or local community, 138 and is a major contributor to HIV infection in South African lesbians. Sexual Salvation: Affirming Women's Sexual Rights and Pleasures, Praeger Publishers.

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Among Women: From the Homosocial to good and Evil in Religion - The Exorcist the Homoerotic in the Ancient World, University of Texas Press. No historical documentation exists of women who had other women as sex partners. 159 Women with post-graduate education had a higher prevalence of homosexual experience, followed by women with a college education; the smallest occurrence was among women with education no higher than eighth grade. For other uses, see, lesbian (disambiguation). The Myth of the Modern Homosexual: Queer History and the Search for Cultural Unity, Cassell. Up to this study, only physicians and psychiatrists studied sexual behavior, and almost always the results were interpreted with a moral view. 201 "In Bed" (1893) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a Parisian who employed the association between lesbianism and prostitution 202 Lesbianism became almost exclusive to French literature in the 19th century, based on male fantasy and the desire to shock bourgeois moral values. Gay Life and Culture: A World History, Thames Hudson, Ltd.

They would like to go dancing. Lesbian began to describe elements of a subculture. Fleming, Pippa (July 3, 2018).

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