one Figurehead Against the Other

there was no such plan to have the Primarchs destroy each other and that Malcador was merely trying to hide the fact that things had gone off the rails. Everything else was a tool to be utilized in pursuit of that single purpose. Humanity was to be governed by humanity. He may be the universe's most powerful vegetable, but that doesn't mean that He will just take a sit and die. It's harder to do that with the Heresy, but - again - I do my best to present individual experiences and mindsets in characters like Khrn, Argel Tal, and Ra, rather than definitive looks at the entire Chapter/Legion/faction and setting its events in stone. This implies that no matter what moves are planned for, or what Primarchs ended up on either side; Chaos will always have a "Chosen" piece to start the game with. Honestly, it's bewildering that no one in the military saw the need for human administration. With the Warp being what it is, the act of worshiping the Emperor supercharged His power in the Immaterium to the point of being truly godlike, even while His body is still stuck in it's current physical state of near-death. A whole faction of the Inquisition, Thorianism, exists to investigate the possibility of regeneration; looking for possible signs that the Emperor's consciousness can be transferred elsewhere, allowing Him to walk among his children once more.

At least until the whole 'Horus' thing, anyway. Dedan Kimathi, waciuri ( 18 February 1957 born Kimathi wa Waciuri, was a revolutionary leader who along with Field Marshal Musa Mwariama led an armed military struggle known as the Mau Mau Uprising against the British colonial regime in Kenya in the 1950s. Tiger Woods splashed his way into contention in the New Zealand Open shooting a four under par to close within six strokes of the lead.

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But he still looks fabulous without his armor. His plan also involved tons of favorite Character from Uncle Tom sacrifices for the greater good *blam!* heresy!, common good, when you're forced to sacrifice anything to continue your plans; you can't afford to be too attached to someone you might have to throw into the fire in a split. Or God forbid, Dark Eldar going lonely, brooding goths and aiding the children of the people they just tortured to death because Order something something Slaanesh's stomach something. The fact the Necrons are still around opens the possibility that they may yet be capable of building replacements, and thanks to Trazyn we know they are capable of closing of warp storms. By the close of the 41st Millennium, the psychic gestalt of the conscious-dead Eldar have formed the new god Ynnead, quite probably proving that willpower eventually counters desire and completing the Eldar's psychic ascension as a species. Eldrad has ultimately demonstrated there are other ways to fight Chaos (by being a dick). Lorgar is an interesting issue: Malcador once claimed that if he could have saved just one of the traitor Primarchs, it should have been Lorgar. That said, we still do have to remember that both the Eldar and Necrons want the Imperium and each other out of the way eventually in order to rebuild their empires, and the Imperium isn't keen on relying too heavily on the entities who will.